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Part A

Structure Questions.

Осталось времени:

1. You __________ to attend the meeting on Thursday.
(A) must
(B) have
(C) required
(D) be

2. New York ironweed with its small, dark purple thistle flowers, sometimes ___________ to a height of eight feet.
(A) grows
(B) growing
(C) it grows
(D) up

3. With its antlers ____________ the feet of a duck, the North American moose is easy to identify.
(A) web-like
(B) webbed like
(C) like a web
(D) the webs like

4. The instructions for this model are ____________ as possible, so it will be difficult to put together.
(A) clearly more defined
(B) as clearly defined
(C) as defined clearly
(D) more clearly defined

5. __________ several weeks for a person to starve to death, but without sleep the human body dies in about 10 days.
(A) Usually taking it
(B) Usually takes it
(C) It usually takes
(D) To take it usually

6. ___________ that you borrowed his car, he would be very angry.
(A) Ever were Matt to find out
(B) Were Matt ever to find out
(C) Matt were ever to find out
(D)Were ever to find out Matt

7. Newly installed gypsum board walls _________ before they are painted.
(A) with a sealant coated
(B) should coat with a sealant
(C) should be coated with a sealant
(D) coating with a sealant

8. Although the color television set __________ almost every American family now owns at least one.
(A) a recent invention is
(B) is a recent invention
(C) recent is a invention
(D) is it a recent invention

9. Descendant of a long line of New Englanders, Robert Lowell chose, in his early poems ___________ against his background of Bostonian eminence and public service.
(A) for reacting
(B) to react
(C) reacted
(D) to the reaction

10. In most cases the current balance available in a checking or savings account ____________ .
(A) can be verified by telephone
(B) on the telephone can verify
(C) in verification by telephone
(D) being verified by telephone

11. Not until several years after a war has ended _________ to feel the severe psychological damage it can cause.
(A) do many of its veterans begin
(B) many of its veterans begin
(C) and many of its veterans begin
(D) many of its veterans beginning

12. Astronomers rely on measurements of mass and brightness to determine __________ .
(A) how old is a star
(B) is a star how old
(C) a star is how old
(D) how old a star is

13. ___________ recover from the setbacks they have experienced in recent years the economy of the entire country would be positively affected.
(A) American car manufactures should ever
(B) Ever should American car manufactures
(C) Should American car manufactures ever
(D) American car manufactures should

14. ___________ witnesses is forbidden in the Federal Courts of the United States.
(A) Aggressively cross-examine
(B) Cross-examination aggressive
(C) Aggressive cross-examining
(D) The aggressive cross-examination of

15. The flora of the arid American Southwest is less varied than ___________ .
(A) the semi-tropical Southeast
(B) that of the semi-tropical Southeast
(C) the Southeast is semi-tropical
(D) it is semi-tropical in the Southeast

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