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Part B

Written Expression Questions.

Осталось времени:

1. The most visible changes physical of aging take place in the skin.
(A) The most
(B) changes physical
(C) take place
(D) the skin

2. The Richter scale provides a fairly accurate measurements of seismic disturbances.
(A) The
(B) fairly accurate
(C) measurements
(D) disturbances

3. There is fewer oxygen available in the atmosphere of Jupiter than there is on earth.
(A) fewer
(B) the
(C) there is
(D) earth

4. Physical exercise has help many people because it relieves stress.
(A) has help
(B) relieves

5. People who want to improve their carpentry skills sometimes go to special schools where they learning to build houses.
(A) want
(B) learning

6. The Swedish settlers who builded the first log cabins in the state of Delaware brought their logs with them from their homeland.
(A) builded
(B) first
(C) brought
(D) with them

7. The discovery of a new primate species, the black- faced lion tamarin, will be formerly announced as soon as scientists have further evidence of its existence.
(A) discovery
(B) formerly
(C) as soon as
(D) further

8. An invention's chance of being accepted depends of its superiority to the method or object it is replacing.
(A) An
(B) of being accepted
(C) depends of
(D) it is replacing

9. The powerful, destroy force of hurricanes, common in the Caribbean and southeastern United states, sometimes reaches as far north as New England.
(A) destroy
(B) common
(C) sometimes
(D) reaches

10. While solvent- based wall paints offer good coverage and sealing power, they are most difficult to clean up than are water- based paints.
(A) offer
(B) they
(C) most
(D) clean up

11. Electronic games, much of which can be powerful instructional tools, are becoming more and more prevalent with the proliferation of computers in schools.
(A) much of which
(B) instructional
(C) more and more prevalent
(D) proliferation

12. The long- term affects of the American Civil War, which split families and friends apart, are still being felt in the twentieth century.
(A) affects
(B) which
(C) are
(D) twentieth century

13. The ladybug beetle is such helpful in controlling other, more harmful insects, that it is often sold to gardeners as a natural method for pest control.
(A) such
(B) that
(C) often
(D) as

14. An amazing variety of animals, by means of elaborate adaptators, are able to thrive in conditions of extreme head and dryness.
(A) amazing
(B) by means
(C) adaptators
(D) are able to

15. Musical celebrities from all over the world appear regular in the exclusive nightclubs and casinos of Las Vegas.
(A) Musical
(B) from all over
(C) regular
(D) exclusive

16. Humans have a very large and densely brain in proportion to their body size.
(A) very large
(B) densely
(C) in proportion to
(D) their

17. Ms. magazine, which began in 1972, has long been considered one of the led publications of the feminist movement.
(A) which
(B) has long been
(C) led
(D) feminist

18. It is wise avoiding over consumption of alcohol because of its detrimental effects on the heart liver, and central nervous system.
(A) It
(B) avoiding
(C) because of
(D) the

19. The 1960 presidential campaign was market by a innovation into American politics- a series of television debates in which the two candidates responded to questions put by newspaper reporters.
(A) into
(B) of television debates
(C) in
(D) responded to

20. Ever when the warmest part of the day in the hottest season of the year, desert sand dunes teem with Bembex, more commonly known as sand wasps.
(A) when
(B) year
(C) more
(D) known as

21. Even although the negative and positive charges of isotopes are identical, their masses are not.
(A) although
(B) and
(C) of isotopes
(D) their

22. It has always been thought that cell mutation is a random event however, geneticists find evidence to the contrary over the past few years.
(A) always
(B) that
(C) is
(D) find

23. During the early 1970s, the American public collectively has become health conscious, turning away from the highly processed foods that had been so popular in the past.
(A) collectively
(B) has become
(C) turning
(D) had been

24. Important news are now conveyed electronically from one side of the globe to the other in a matter of seconds.
(A) are
(B) electronically
(C) to
(D) in a matter

25. Democrats had dominate the White House for five terms when Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected in 1952.
(A) dominate
(B) for
(C) when
(D) was elected

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