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Listening Comprehension
Part A
1. (A) She hasn't seen her grades lately.
(B) She enjoys studying several hours a day.
(C) She hasn't been doing very well at school.
(D) She only has sixteen hours to finish all of her work.
2. (A) She couldn't understand the weather report.
(B) She doesn't like flying in bad weather.
(C) It's too bad they can't get to the airport on time.
(D) Bad weather might delay the arrival of their plane.
3. (A) He doesn't want to go to the concert.
(B) He can't afford to pay for his ticket.
(C) He didn't know that the woman liked jazz music.
(D) He didn't know that the concert was on Wednesday night.
4. (A) He's not very enthusiastic about his school work.
(B) He likes basketball more than she does.
(C) He feels uncomfortable with the other basketball players.
(D) He wishes he had more time for his studies.
5. (A) He can't find the picture of the woman's parents.
(B) He would rather not be in the picture.
(C) He'll take the photograph for the woman.
(D) He can't stand looking at photographs.
6. (A) She can't find the man's car keys.
(B) The man is confused about where to keep his car.
(C) She has found the man's keys three times today already.
(D) The man's behavior indicates that he is confused.
7. (A) She will finish it slowly.
(B) She's sure it will be easy.
(C) She doesn't want to do it.
(D) She hadn't heard about it until now.
8. (A) The doctor will be available shortly.
(B) The doctor's office is close because of an emergency.
(C) The doctor must call his office and check on his appointment schedule.
(D)An emergency in the morning has affected the doctor's schedule.
9. (A) The woman should stop shopping so much.
(B) That store has stopped selling music.
(C) There should be some good bargains at the music store.
(D) He'd like to stop and shop for some new music.
10. (A) Have something to eat.
(B) Return to the campus.
(C) Try opening a new restaurant.
(D)Order a pizza and have it delivered.
11. (A) There aren't any windows rolled down.
(B) There's no reason to roll up the windows.
(C) She doesn't want rain to get inside the car.
(D)She isn't supposed to sit by the window.
12. (A) She is interesting.
(B) She is demanding.
(C) She is boring.
(D)She is younger than he expected.
13. (A) They must turn in their work on time.
(B) Their papers must be at least twenty- five pages long.
(C) They shouldn't worry if their papers are a little late.
(D)Their papers can be fewer than twenty- five pages in length.
14. (A) Stay away from Greg today.
(B) Try to clear up his problems with Greg.
(C) Try to help Greg develop a more positive outlook.
(D)Help her convince Greg to stay home today.
15. (A) He didn't end up graduating after all.
(B) He had to leave the ceremony before the end.
(C) The ceremony lasted too long.
(D) He didn't know anyone who was graduating.

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