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Listening Comprehension
Part B

1. (A) Superstitions.
(B) Transportation arrangements.
(C) Borrowing a car.
(D) Moving to a new home.
2. (A) He might be superstitious.
(B) He'll be in Chicago that evening.
(C) He won't be able to borrow his father's van.
(D) He won't be able to get there on time.
3. (A) He's having dinner with some friends that evening.
(B) He will be driving his father's van instead of his car.
(C) He will be flying in from Chicago earlier that evening.
(D) He always drives more slowly on Friday the thirteenth.
4. (A) He would rather take his own car.
(B) His father might need it to help a friend move.
(C) He is quite sure it won't be a problem.
(D) He doesn't know if it is big enough to hold all of Amanda's things.
5. (A) He thinks it's high considering the type of work he is doing.
(B) He would like to earn more, but he feels there are other benefits as well.
(C) He can use it to buy some good reference books.
(D) He thinks it is about right.
6. (A) She is looking for a job and can't find one.
(B) She loves making salads and has experience as a baker.
(C) She was supposed to work at the Lincoln Inn, but they told her they didn't need her anymore.
(D) She had a summer job last year but didn't get asked back again for this summer.
7. (A) He doesn't think he'll be able to keep his own job.
(B) He doesn't think the Lincoln Inn needs any more help right now.
(C) He wants to wait until summer to ask about a job.
(D) There is only one position for a salad maker at the Lincoln Inn.

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