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Listening Comprehension
Part C

1. (A) To explain the rewards of long distance running.
(B) To raise some funds for a sports event.
(C) To describe the sacrifices necessary to be on the running team.
(D) To discuss the first day of team practice.
2. (A) Rest all day.
(B) Work out on their own.
(C) Meet with their coach.
(D) Participate in a race.
3. (A) Team members will enjoy a busy social life on weekends.
(B) Team members won't have much time for social activities on weekends.
(C) Friday night will be free for social activities.
(D) Team members will be too tired to do much on the weekend.
4. (A) Practice will begin.
(B) The speaker will talk about the advantages of sports.
(C) The speaker will collect the money.
(D) Parents will go home.
5. (A) It is more valuable than other metals.
(B) It is very beautiful and not easily destroyed.
(C) It attracts people to new areas and encourages exploration.
(D) It is useful in televisions, missiles, and spacecraft.
6. 6. (A) It can be formed into many shapes.
(B) It can be used to conduct electricity.
(C) It can be easily mined.
(D) It doesn't tarnish or corrode.
7. (A) It makes them shine in the dark so that airplanes can avoid hitting them.
(B) It makes the skyline of a city glitter, which is very attractive.
(C) It helps buildings stay cool in summer and warm in winter.
(D) It helps keep the metal parts of buildings from corroding.
8. (A) People experiment with new uses of gold.
(B) More pottery, jewelry, medicine, and religious objects are produced.
(C) Many people move to the area to look for gold, and development occurs.
(D) Gold becomes readily available, and it is no longer considered valuable.

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